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  • Rounded edge cabinet design to eliminate edge diffraction problems.
  • Port designed to eliminate turbulence noise and improve bass extension.
  • Cabinet dimensions can be varied to suit individual needs, providing that internal volume remain the same.
  • External cabinet can be constructed with any choice of suitable wood, subject to availability (cost may vary, depending on the type of wood).
  • The cabinet has a very fine finish, polished with ORGAN OIL Hard Burnishing Oil and a special blend of Bees Wax to give a very smooth and warm finish.
  • The two baffles are constructed from a single 40 mm thick board, cross cut with a band saw to produce two 18 mm thick boards of the same size, which feature same wood patterns and colouring, giving the baffles a mirror image.
  • TC LOUDSPEAKERS are all individually hand crafted, taking great care, starting from the selection of the wood used, to the details of construction and finish, ensuring a high quality product.
  • The Cabinet effectively consists of two individual boxes, an external box constructed from solid timber and an internal box constructed from Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), this provides two major advantages, (1) a dead internal sealed box essential for good sound reproduction, (2) with age and lack of care wood may develop hairline cracks, the internal box will still maintain a complete seal and the quality of sound will not be affected.
  • The sides and baffle are joint together using a Drawer Lock System, giving very secure and stable joints, providing a very solid outer box construction.
  • Vibration absorbing material is sandwiched between the outer and inner box to prevent wood resonance, the connecting system for the inner to the outer box is designed to allow for the natural movement of the wood.
  • The inner box is centre braced to further reduce vibration, all joints are sealed stopping any leakage and the internal walls are clad with sound absorbing foam to eliminate standing waves, improving bass response.
  • Audiophile quality components used for the crossovers.
  • Front Grill, covering the drivers, with no visible connectors, in order to preserve the wood finish.

  • Stands, constructed to individual specifications, in wood to complement speaker cabinet, spikes can be fitted if requested.

  • Bi-Wiring. 

  TC Loudspeakers are covered by a five year conditional warranty, from the date of purchase, covering faulty material, components and manufacture, the warranty does not cover accidental or wilful damage, neglect (not following BASIC CARE guidelines set out in the section below), misuse or use contrary to specifications and unauthorised service. For service contact manufacturer.  
  RETAIL PRICE    Including GST  
  • Emilias:

    Basic model    $ 2900.00          X Series    $ 3900.00  + packaging and freight.

    Stand              $ 300.00

    bi-wiring         $ 120.00



  • TC-Towers:

    Basic model    $ 5800.00          X Series    $ 7100.00  + packaging and freight.

    Stand             $ 300.00

    bi-wiring        $ 120.00


  • Mezzano:

    Basic model    $ 4900.00           X Series    $ 6000.00  + packaging and freight.

    Stand             $ 300.00

    bi-wiring        $ 120.00


  • Moods:

    Basic model    $ 5100.00          X Series    $ 6200.00  + packaging and freight.

    Stand             $ 300.00

    X Series are an upgrade of the basic models, the woodwork consist of inlays and other construction techniques, to give the speakers that extra unique look and increased durability, included in the price is the stand, bi-wiring and inbuilt provisions for the front grill, the crossover components are also top of the line, to enhance further the sound quality, transparency and soundstage.  When ordering X Series speakers, customers have the option of personalizing the speakers, such as adding their names or dedications (if purchased as a gift or special occasion), at no extra cost, please discuss it when placing the order.

    Because of the nature of the speakers, not everyone wants to hide the beauty of the timber behind a grill, therefore the specially constructed front grill is an optional extra, for a quote and type grill please organize it with the manufacturer, when ordering your speakers.

    All prices are in Australian Dollars

    Prices may vary with custom made and special orders, depending on cost of different timbers and variation in design.

     Free delivery within Forster and surrounding area.

    GST applies to Australian buyers only, overseas buyers are responsible for local taxes and duties.





Your TC Loudspeakers are made from solid timber, like most high quality furniture, therefore it behaves in a similar way.    Please  follow these basic tips to keep your speakers looking at their best for a very long time.

  • Extreme temperature changes, keep away from heaters, fireplaces and the like where temperatures can change rapidly.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight, sunlight can discolour the natural wood colour.

  • Extreme humidity can effect the wood, so be aware of the surroundings where your speakers are located.

  • Remove dust from the wood surfaces and speaker drivers, use a soft cloth on the wood and a soft brush on the drivers, taking care not to damage the cones or domes of the tweeters, never clean or touch speaker drivers when they are playing.

  • Never use sharp or metallic objects near speaker cones or domes.

  • Keep children away from speakers.

  • The wood of your TC Loudspeakers has a natural oil timber finish or french polish, with either one, using a soft cloth and a small amount of natural timber oil (such as Orange Oil) on the soft cloth, polish all the timber surfaces (avoid the speaker drivers), done on a regular basis will keep your speakers looking great for a long time.

  • All speakers have their limitations, be familiar with them and use your speakers within those limits, when increasing volume to your speakers, at one point the sound will start to distort, this is usually due to the speakers or the amplifier having reached their limits,  if this occurs lower the volume till you get clear sound.

  • Before connecting or disconnecting speaker cable ensure that the amplifier is turned off.

These are the major points to keep in mind if you intend to keep your speakers in top condition.

Remember your speakers require a running in period ( 30 to 50 + hours playing time), so the more they play the better they  are going to sound.


  (This information is intended for people with basic woodworking knowledge and some practical experience.   No responsibility is taken for any damage to the timber work or personal injury).

Tools/Materials required:

Orbital Sander, sandpaper holding block, sandpaper for the sander from 100 to 400 grit, wet and dry sandpaper sheets from 400 to 1000 grit, timber oils, good quality timber wax (optional), old stockings.

The technique I am describing is my own way of finishing timber, developed over many years of working with timber and it works very well for me, other craftsmen have their own individual ways, the aim is to achieve a satisfying result.  Please note, I only use hardwood.

  • Using the orbital sander, work the timber surface to an even smooth finish, depending on the original state of the timber surface and how much material you need to remove, start with a 100 grit paper then 220 grit and so on up to 400 grit, let the timber rest for a day or so before moving to the finishing phase.
  • The finishing phase is hand sanding and applying timber oil, start with a 400 grit wet & dry sandpaper, cut the A4 sheet of sandpaper in quarters and using one quarter at the time with a sandpaper holding block (usually cork, I prefer styrofoam which I cut to the required size), sand down all the area that requires oiling, do not brush away the dust produced from the sanding, with the timber in a flat position, start the oiling process by pouring small amounts of oil (I recommend and use Organ Oil Hard Burnishing Oil) directly on the timber, using  the same piece of sand paper previously used in the sanding process (leave all the wood dust on the paper, the dust will combine with the oil to fill the wood pores, creating a glass like finish), using the same sanding motion, work the oil into the timber, add more oil as required, work the oil evenly through out the required area. Let the timber sit for about 15 to 20 minutes, then using the stockings rolled up into a ball, wipe all the oiled area collecting any access oil and dust. Let timber sit for at least two days before the next coat of oil.
  • Repeat the above finishing phase the same way, with a finer  wet & dry sandpaper say 600/800 grit. This process can be repeated several times, using a finer grit of wet & dry sandpaper (1000, 1500, 2000) every time, ensuring adequate drying time between each application, more applications result in a glossier finish.

Tips -A good timber wax can be mixed with the Organ Oil during one of the applications, preferably when using the 600 grit sandpaper, this helps to fill the timber grains for a glossier finish. Allow an extra day of drying time when using wax, before the next application.

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