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Mission statement

I am Antonino (Tony) Caloia, designer, technician, manufacturer and founder of TC Loudspeakers.

After 28+ years experience in woodworking and over 15 years experience with Hi Fi speaker repairs, rebuilding enclosure and crossovers for old speakers, designing good audiophile speakers from the ground up, it has always been my passion.

For the last 12 years I have been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers for specific clientís requirements, achieving very good results.

I have developed 4 very good models which I am offering to the public and variations of them for individual requests.                                  

In an ideal world you should get what you pay for and so we would hope.

My experience with most known brands available has been to say the least, disappointing, with poor design and inferior materials used in the enclosures and crossovers. The more upmarket offer MDF cabinet with real wood veneer finish.

I like real wood (16 to 20 millimetre of solid fine hard wood) on the outside and MDF on the inside.

I donít wish to go on criticising loudspeakers on todayís market. There are very good loudspeakers available out there, however, they are very expensive and out of reach for most people.

My goal has been to build an honest loudspeaker that represents good value for money and at the same time give excellent Hi Fi sound reproduction. Brilliantly finished that is pleasing to the eye, with simple care, it will be pleasing for
a very long time.

I can personally guarantee and stand by my products. The simple reason for that is, all aspects of the production, from the initial selection and matching of the speaker drivers, to the design and construction of the crossovers, the sourcing and selection of timber, to the designing and manufacturing of the enclosure, are all undertaken by me.

My speakers are designed and handcrafted for the person that appreciates fine workmanship, who admires the look and feel of natural wood and most of all, the reproduction of music that is as close as possible to the original recording.

All the listening tests and fine tuning for my speakers are carried out in a set up like any typical living room. This method ensures that the speakers will sound just as good when you take them home.

I have total confidence in the quality of my products, therefore a five year conditional warranty is in place.

To further re affirm my statement and to guarantee customer satisfaction, after purchasing any of my speakers, if within a period of 14 days you feel disappointed with the quality of the product or the sound reproduction, or found a better product in respect to build quality, finish and sound reproduction or better value for money, you can return the speakers in the original condition and I will refund the purchase price of the speakers or exchange them for another model of your choice.  

Each pair of loudspeakers is an individual set, so, if you like what you see, purchase that pair because you will never see another exactly the same. My aim is to please the eyes and the ears, so enjoy your music.

Yours in fine sound.

Tony Caloia
TC Loudspeakers.


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