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Two types of joints used  


Dovetail Joint

Dovetail joints are very strong and secure, used in timber draws and boxes construction, done accurately these joints can be very attractive, this method takes time, skill and real timber (not veneer), these are the main reasons why are not used in mass produced speakers.    

  Butt joints are simply that. This type of joint is adopted by the majority of manufacturers mainly to cut cost and speed up the manufacturing process.      
Draw Lock System  

Draw Lock joints are also strong and secure, this method is not so time consuming but it still takes a certain amount of skill and precision, it is not visible from the outside of the box and it should give a good joint line.


Adjustable Wood Spikes

Wood spikes are an option for speaker stands and pedestals.

The cabinet walls and baffle are constructed with solid timber on the outside and MDF on the inside, between the timber and the MDF a dampening material is sandwiched to minimizing internal vibration passing to the outer box.


Cross section  of speaker walls and baffle.










Tang Band Drivers components view

28-1177SB                              W6-1108SB Woofer

Tang Band Speakers

In 1996, nestled against the foothills of Taipei City, Tang band Ltd. was born. Tang Band was created with one overriding goal in mind to make innovative, high quality speaker drivers. In order to meet this goal we have gathered together experienced engineers that specialize in three fields- acoustics design ,materials science (for creating the new composite materials that go into our speakers) and quality control (for ensuring the consistency of our speakers).

 I also use 18 Sound and B&C Speakers for their high sensitivity and high quality.

For more information on Tang Band, 18 Sound and B&C Speakers visit their websites:   .   .


 Neodymium Tweeter

Neodymium Magnet

T B  W6-659S Woofer

W4-655SH Midrange


W6-658SA Woofer

Tang Band are one of the main drivers used in the TC Loudspeakers Designs, as well as 18 Sound drivers.

We are not obligated but choose to use Tang Band and 18 Sound speakers, due to their excellent quality and reliability .

These are some of the drivers used.

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Other drivers also used in various models from the Tang Band range.

W6-1916 Full Range

W8-1772 Full Range




W6-789E Woofer


28-1582S ND Tweeter

25-1742S ND Tweeter

25-1744S ND Tweeter

25-1372SC ND Tweeter

18 Sound Speakers: Very high quality drivers made in Italy. B & C Speakers Very high quality drivers made in Italy.  

6ND430 Woofer

6NDL38 Woofer

TB Tweeter 28-537SH

TB Ribbon Tweeter RT-1516SA


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