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TC-Towers II, by Edgar Kramer :   Review


Customer Feedback

    All the feedback is based on a voluntary basis, it is published only if the clients allow it and only their first name is used to protect their privacy. The idea of the feedback page is not designed to influence potential customers into buying my speakers, it is only to highlight the experiences and formulate any similarities that are experienced when listening to music through the speakers.

When purchasing my speakers the purchaser has 14 days to evaluate the speakers, if not satisfied, they can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price. This simply means 14 days free trial, to allow the buyers to make their own assessment, I offer this option simply because I am confident of my products, to date there has been no speakers returned.  T.C.



Aygun has been an owner of a set of two-way bookshelf speakers since 2005. Recently I asked him if he was still happy with his speakers, after his comments I asked him if he would mind me publishing his comments on my Web Page.   The following was his replay:  

Hi, my name is Aygun, it gives me great pleasure to express the feelings that I had listening to three models of speakers from TC loudspeakers.
I must admit until recently my experience with speakers has been limited to the car stereo, at home with desktop speakers and the occasional visit to the local Hi Fi store.

Looking for something better, a friend of mine who had his speakers made by TC Loudspeakers, suggested that I pay Tony Caloia a visit.

We organised a listening session, as soon as Tony turned them on I knew that these were different, I experienced a feeling which took me away! The details that I thought never existed amazed me, it was a sensational musical experience, we tried a variety of music, Classical, Rock, Pop etc. I was impressed by the sound quality and clarity, it was superb. The other point that impressed me was the quality and finish of the cabinets, I like the feel of real wood finish.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony for giving me the opportunity to experience his masterpieces I appreciate the time and effort that is taken to produce such high quality products, I was impressed.

In dealings with TC Loudspeakers I found Tony to be professional, courteous and exceeded all my expectations from a customer point of view. Tony keep up the good work and GOOD LUCK.


Rockys experience has been with the Mezzano model a three-way speaker suited for stand or entertainment unit. This is what he had to say about them.   I like wood and wood products, the idea of solid wood speakers really appealed to me. These speakers matched the rest of my furnishings and the size not being a full floor standing speaker meant that they could be easily accommodated in my entertainment unit. These speakers are very well built, the oil finish is of high standard and the cabinet very solid, you can see the quality in the product.

But the real bonus was the sound quality, it's very clear and detailed, no exaggerated bass, very realistic and natural, I enjoy a variety of music from jazz to classic and rock, I found that these speakers have no problem with any of it, I enjoy my music and these speakers help me hear it for extended periods of time without getting tired of it.   Regards,  Rocky.


Michael bought his Mezzanos through eBay, in early February they were sold as ex-demo and this is a testimonial of his experience with them since.         About two years ago Michael, bought a second pair speakers from me, the Daniel Special a 2-way design which employs the same woofer and tweeter as the Mezzano

Further  comments from Michael on his latest acquisition the Moods


I have been living with a pair of Tony's "Mezzanos" for about six weeks now. I feel that I am hearing the music now, rather than just listening.
The Mezzanos are a beautifully constructed loudspeaker. The initial impression is that they are as much a piece of furniture as hi-fi equipment. The sonic qualities are immediately evident. The soundstage is wide and airy. They are easily driven, even at low volumes. The bass is fast, tight and well controlled. The midrange adds a warm and realistic quality to voices and the top end is sweet and never brittle. Overall, they give a balanced, uncoloured and natural sound.
I improved my sound considerably by buying better interconnects and speaker cables. (Well worth the investment to maximise the potential of the Mezzanos). The music just leapt out the speakers and the dynamic range became even more impressive
Listening to a wide range of CDs, I found that the Mezzanos love reproducing acoustic music in analogue productions. I can't wait to sort my turntable out and listen to some old vinyl favourites.
It gave me great pleasure to be able to purchase really high quality, Australian designed and constructed, loudspeakers. With the love , care and attention to detail that Tony puts into the birth of his babies it must be very difficult for him to give them away for the prices that he asks.
So I suggest that if you are in the market for speakers that you have a coffee and chat with Tony, check out his products. Listen to some of your favourite music through them and compare them to other loudspeakers in the price range. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Finally, it gave me great pleasure to do business with Tony. He is passionate about music and it's faithful reproduction. Tony is an honest, humble and sincere bloke as well as a superb crafter of exquisite speaker cabinets. More power to you Tony,
regards and best wishes for you and your business,
Michael D.


I acquired my first pair of Tony's hifi speakers 8 years ago. The Mezzano model. They were one of his early model 3-ways. I was immediately taken with the quality of construction, beautiful appearance & balanced, natural sound.

Three years later, Tony gave me the opportunity to purchase another pair. This time an exquisite stand mount 2-way design, the Daniel Specials.

My hifi upgrades have all been based on both these pair in my two separate systems. Both systems have significantly improved over time, based on these speakers.

A few months ago, Tony offered me his personal pair of single driver, full range speakers, the Moods, in solid Red Cedar cabinets. I first heard these speakers in Tony's lounge room & coveted them from that first sight & listen. They have been in my main rig since. Being 95 dbl/m efficiency was enticing. I use a 100w hybrid amp & the Moods handle that useful grunt with ease. I also own a 6wpc SEP amp that can go to surprising volumes & bass control through the Moods.

In short, the Moods will be my final speaker purchase. The sweet & natural tone, clean & open soundstage and speed & imaging of the Tang Band full range drivers is exactly what I have been looking for to reproduce the music that I love, and that includes a wide variety of acoustic & electronic genres.

I have considered Tony a friend  from that initial purchase. I love to follow his developments & he values my opinions & suggestions. I cannot commend his products too highly. His unique, bespoke designs are incredible value for money. They also have a pride of ownership that comes with owning a completely unique pair of speakers. You will not be wasting your time in auditioning Tony's speakers. I'm sure that he would offer all the help you made need.

Thanking you Tony. Hoping to see you again soon for a coffee & music session,


Michael D.



Ernest enquired about having a set of TC-Towers made with Italian drivers (18 Sound), a project was already in the pipeline for a 2-way system with              two 18 Sound woofers in parallel, for export to Italy.   I gave Ernest the first option to buy the first set of the    TC-Towers 2Way System and this is what he had to say about them after a few weeks in his home. 



Speakers in and sounding fantastic.

The cabinet work is stunning-they really are a beautiful piece of furniture.

As for the sound-I had a pair of KEF C40s before, which were  $889 back in 1985 (A fair whack  in that time) and I always reckoned they sounded pretty good but these TC towers 2 way just blow them away.

The bass is so tight, clean and realistic and I am hearing things in my albums more clearly or for the first time.

At moment I am driving the TC Towers with a 20yo Denon AVR 900 and am more than satisfied with its ability to drive the speakers.

Massive Attack’s Blue Lines, Billy Cobham's Spectrum, Sade -Diamond Life and Floyd’s Dark side of the moon all show the speakers ability superbly.

Tony Caloia is a perfectionist and passionate about his craft and I spent some quality time listening to my speakers and comparing them with his own Towers. 

I reckon mine sounded better than his but he was demonstrating mine thru a Valve Amp and his thru a Transistor amp-may have been the difference?


Ernest M.


Rob found out about the                 TC-Towers from his friend Ernest, who's review is just above and this is what he had to say about his set of Towers.  



My review:

“ After hearing the TC Tower II speakers that my friend Ern (see his review) had purchased, I became aware that the high quality speakers that I was running, well, just weren’t good enough any longer.

I visited several high-end audio shops in Melbourne, listening to various superb sounding speakers in the $15,000-$30,000 range. In my view, any differences in performance between the TC’s and the much more expensive offerings I had tested were marginal at best and could not justify going past the TC’s. I contacted Tony to ask him to build me a set of his TC Tower II’s using Mackay Cedar.

What a beautiful wood. What beautiful looking speakers. What a beautiful sound. Musicality and sound stage that is just outstanding. Several audiophile friends have visited to check them out. Reaction? Stunned! About the best looking speakers they had ever seen. Just blown away by the very tight, accurate, strong bass. The so sweet mid-range and high end. They could not believe these were two-way speakers!

My old speakers I could only listen to for an hour or two at best. These TC’s? I sat with one friend from 4pm until 1am just going through CD after CD (and enjoying a couple of bottles of wow-this-is-good red wine!). No fatigue, just pure listening pleasure. These are amazing speakers that are equals of or outperform considerably more expensive three-way four cone fare.

The TC Tower II’s are pure aural nectar! Read the 6-Moons review if you need more convincing. “

Cheers, Rob Cowley






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